Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oversized Sunglasses from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014 #MBFW

As fashion spectators, we're very interested in seeing clothing from the latest fashion shows. But as sunglasses retailers, naturally we're more interested in Oversized #Sunglasses from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014!!! Particularly, we are interested in seeing the street style sunglasses from the 2014 #mbfw. One of our team members had the luxury of being invited to a fashion show for #nyfw 2014. And when she got there, she reported on all the amazing Oversized Sunglasses from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The biggest trend she spotted were Oversized Round Sunglasses such as the ones that fashion bloggers wear. Oversized Sunglasses seem to be the reigning trend for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. She spotted girls wearing the exact sunglasses above with all types of outfits. She especially loved an outfit one girl wore with a hot pink full skirt, studded Valentino slingbacks and a logo t-shirt. This outfit was so amazing to her that she immediately bought the same outfit online when she got back to her hotel. If you're getting cute for #fashionweek, remember to get your Oversized Sunglasses at

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