Sunday, February 16, 2014

Replica Oversized Baroque Sunglasses

Replica Baroque Sunglasses
(post written by Jaren) In a cab, on my way over to a day party, I wondered what kind of trend I would see at a this fashion soiree. Knowing full well that I would be in the midst of some heavy weights, I begin to worry that wearing my Replica Baroque Sunglasses would be a bad idea. And not because they were replicas... but because the trend had been around for a while. Before entering the house, I kept asking myself "On or off? On or off?". Well, I decided to chance it and made an entrance into the day party, proudly sporting my Replica Baroque Sunglasses. And to my surprise, there were 2 other women wearing Baroque Sunglasses. And as far as fashion trends go, this crowd was not particularly ahead of the pack. Aside from the Replica Baroque Sunglasses, I spotted a few trends from Fall 2013: plaid over-coats, full circle skirts, and platform slip on sneakers. And I realized that these trends were still so strong because maybe there wasn't anything captivating from last weeks fashion shows? Or maybe it was too early. Well... the subject faded away as I downed a few gimlets and sat back with my Replica Baroque Sunglasses.