Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Should You Wear Oversized Sunglasses to the Club?

Should You Wear Oversized Sunglasses to the Club?
This question here really tickles a lot of people because there are some who are staunchly against wearing oversized sunglasses to the club, and then there are others who think it's the greatest thing in the world. And what do we think? Do you what makes you happy! Screw what other think. But we'll dissect both sides of the "sunglasses in the club" argument... just for fun.  ;)
Firstly, those who wear Oversized Sunglasses to the club do so because it's just plain cool. Oversized Sunglasses themselves look amazing when worn right. But when your outfit is already poppin', a bad pair of sunglasses just takes you up to another level. Secondly, sunglasses, when worn at night, look freaking amazing! Specifically, black Oversized Sunglasses. Black Oversized Sunglasses look crazy at night because they blend in with the dark, but still manage to catch those few glintz of light... which make them sparkle. Generally, Oversized Sunglasses at night make you look mysterious and very cool... no one can see your eyes and its already dark outside.
And now, onto the other side of the argument... some people are against wearing Oversized Sunglasses to the club because... there's no sunlight in the club. There's no sunlight at night in general! A reasonable argument. However, it doesn't take away from the fact that Oversized Sunglasses worn to the club just look dope anyway... so you can see where we stand on that argument.
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