Monday, February 10, 2014

Cheap Oversized Sunglasses for the #Snow for #FashionWeek 2014

Cheap Oversized Sunglasses for the Snow for Fashion Week 2014
Our lovely team member, Jaren, has been giving us updates on the sunglasses from the #snow at #fashionweek in New York. First, she reports, the snow is incredible! It makes looking cute in the snow even harder, though. The only think to save you from #fashion destruction, this #NYFW are Cheap Oversized Sunglasses. Jaren, unfortunately, did not pack enough cute #sunglasses for the #MBFW. She had to call us and have us express ship a pair of Cheap Oversized Sunglasses to her in New York City. They came just in time for a presentation she was attending. With Cheap Oversized Sunglasses in hand, Jaren tromped through the snow in 6" heel #boots, a #Moncler puffer jacket, gigantic Hermes oversized #Birkin, and attended the presentation. We have no idea how she got through all that snow while wearing 6" platform boots... but we can assure you that she looked cute doing it. When wearing your Cheap Oversized Sunglasses and 6" boots, just be careful not to step on any ice!